Monday, February 4, 2013

Update week 3

Test items to check for being gross motored delayed.

developmental chart by your pediatrician.

assesment test down with preschool teachers, physical and speech therapist.

having a normal routine with children can prove to be a great way to help a child develop with hands on skills.


When dealing with children experinecing hands on can be the best teacher. As we know by doing things over and over again we will begin to process and adapt it to our daily life.  Talking and teaching are very good influences.  Yet we all learn different so visual aid processing can and has been shown to be effective for children and adults of all ages.  The best benefit when they are use together where there are done interchangeable so that a child does not just memorize but learn life skills.  These life skills will adapt in there learning process.  After this is done a child and even an a adult can adjust things as needed.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1. If a preschooler has been determined to be gross motored delayed there are steps to be followed. With being delayed there must be specialist brought in to evaluate a child's learning range. Once this is done a individual educational plan put into place. If the plan is not followed by the family and educators there child will be a huge disadvantage. The child education and quality of life can decline rapidly.

2. When a preschooler has delays the most important aspect is to identify the issues and put into play a course of action to work with the family and child. Once this is executed the child will begin the work towards a good quality of life.

3. The most important factor is to ensure consistency and to follow the education plan until it is decided the child is completely on task. If the child is taken off course before time it can cause damage to the child not only physically,emotionally, as well in their educational syandpoint